How to create DVDs from videos with WaveInsight DVD Creator

Making a DVD becomes an easy thing for people nowadays. Owning to DVD creator software, folks can do lots of things with their videos. Imaging that you have got a lot of videos recorded on vacation with family and you might intend to play them on DVD player for watching,then a video to DVD conversion tool just similar with DVD creator program is needed. It does help us a lot assisting us to put various videos into DVDs without any difficulty. If you have such requirements, this kind of DVD maker software is highly recommended which provides the perfect solution to burn DVD.
For the purpose of this article, we will show you how to finish the DVD burning with WaveInsight DVD Creator For Mac which is specially designed for Mac users.
WaveInsight DVD creator For Mac software is the best Mac DVD maker enables users to Create DVD discs and or ISO files. With the awesome but easy of use DVD burning software, creating DVD movie discs from videos whatever it is comes from download videos or home make videos or vocation videos…etc. seems to be possible for every one who owns Mac DVD maker in hand.
In short, let’s begin to learn how to use the Mac DVD authoring tool step by step as below shows.
Step1. To make own DVD Disc, we need to install and run Mac DVD creator on Mac. After this, you’ll see the main interface. Then, click “Add File” image button to add videos to be burned. It’ll list the current size of added videos when the video file loading task finished.

Step 2: Add subtitles for the selected video.
Select subtitles already exists you prepared and add it to video.

Step3: Select a location to save output files.
You can customize the output destination for certain folder or you can put it in its default temporary files.

Step4: Edit video
Customize DVD discs with additional features that allow you to edit your video clips before burning, like setting volume for the disc, selecting burning speed and the file which should to be made. When having finished the editing, just hit the right button to start to burn DVD or ISO file respectively.

Step5: Wait for the success of DVD burning.
In the process of burning DVD, you’ll know the rest unfinished files left. You can have a rest, and just let the DVD burning goes. And the video to DVD conversion will be done within few hours. (Note: The burning time owns to the size of files you are burning)