Frequently Asked Questions

Download & Installation

Q:How do I download one software for free trial?
Go to "Product" page and browse the product list, choose specific product and enter the product detail page, click "Download" button, and you will get a install package for free trial.
Q:After downloading my software, where is it located?
At the beginning of the download process, a Save As dialog box displays for you to choose the directory to save the file. Please take a note where the file is being saved. You can also search for the software by filename. Do not rename the file you are downloading; that can cause installation problems.

Q: Do you provide technical support for trial users?
Yes. If you meet any technical problem when using the trial version of our products, please contact us to submit your queries. Our support team will answer your queries and try our best to provide the best solution for you in 24 hours.

Purchase Information

Q:Do you offer technical support for trial users?
Yes, you can contact us any time you have technical problems when using the trial version of our product. Login to your account and submit your question via our online form. Our support team will send the solution to your e-mail address. You can also track the question here.
Q:What can I do if I purchased the program using a wrong e-mail address?
If you purchased the program using a wrong e-mail address, you might not receive the purchase confirmation e-mail or download the program. Contact us for assistance with the wrong e-mail address and we will help you merge it into the correct one.
Q:I would like to buy the trial software I downloaded. Do I need to re-download the product?
If you like the trial version that's already downloaded, you can purchase it within the program. Click the "i" icon in the middle of the Title Bar to enter the User Center. Click the Activation tab to continue with the purchase. After you purchase it, the program will be automatically activated and you can view the activation information in the Activation tab.
Q:How will the charge appear on my credit card?
The charge on your credit card will appear as WaveInsight Software.
Q:Can I apply one license to the program on multiple computers?
One license allows you to use one copy of the software or product on a single computer only. For each software licensee, the program can be "in use" on only one computer or hardware device at any given time. If you want to install the program on a new computer, please uninstall it from the old computer first, and then install it on the new computer. Please note that if you switch from PC to Mac or vice versa, you need to buy its corresponding version. As Mac and Windows versions are completely different products.
Q:I purchased the wrong product by mistake. Can I exchange it for the right one?
If you have incorrectly purchased one product, we would advise that you purchase the correct product and we will then refund the incorrectly purchase product. Please contact us with your new order number.


Payment & Shipment

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.
Q: Is it safe for me to purchase on your website?
We cooperate with Digital River (SWREG, RegNow) and PayPal to receive payment.  Both Digital River and Paypal are the most widely used payment gateway world wide.  During the order process, SSL encryption is applied to protect all the data and information you provided for the order.  So you can trust the secure payment process on our website.


Registration & Activation

Q:What can I do if the activation code is not accepted?
If you receive an error message when entering your activation code, this may be due to the following reasons:
1.Make sure the software installed corresponds to the product purchased.
2.Copy and paste your activation code to avoid typing errors.
3.Make sure there's no blank/space before and after the Licensed Email/Activation Code.
Contact us and include a screenshot of the specific error if you still have activation problems.
Q:How to register my software product after purchase?
You can register the software in "Help" menu of your sofware product.
1.Please open you software product.
2.Click menu "Help" -> "Register" to open the Registeration window.
3.Then fill in the correct information (Registeration code, etc.) to complete the software registration.
Q:How to retrieve my activation code?
The activation code can be retrieved from WaveInsight Support Center. Please provide your purchase info (email,order number,etc).

Refund & Return

Q: What is your refund policy?
Please check WaveInsight Refund Policy  for details.
Q: I am not satisfied with your product. I want to get my payment refund.
We guarantee you the money back with the purchase price of the product you mentioned, if the product meets the refund policy. Please contact our technical support about the issue you encounter in detail, and we will offer the best solution according to the condition. 
Q: I find out that I bought the wrong product after installing the software. Can I get the refund to purchase your another product? 
A: We provide you a "Try-Before-Buy" software version, and for a downloaded program and its registration code(if exists) sent to you cannot be taken back, so please forgive that we will not refund you for such a mistake. But we could offer a discount or the second best solution to you for the product you want. Please contact support staff about the situation with your order number and/or email address. 
Q:How long does it take to get the refund on my credit card statement?
A: The refund will process will appear on your credit card statement in 10 to 15 business days, if your refund request is approved. Please contact your credit card company about the statement posting, if you cannot find the statement on your credit card after 15 business days.

Q:How can I refund my purchase?
Please first go over our Return Policy before you refund the program. If it is eligible for a refund, please contact us with a short note explaining the reason you want to refund the program.
Q:Can I cancel my order after I placed it?
Once the order is processed successfully, you are not able to cancel it. All the programs in our online store can be tried before you purchase it. If you really want to cancel the order, please see our Refund Policy.

Technical Questions